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Dual education

Dual education combines apprenticeships in a company and studying in an educational institution. Dual education provides conditions to acquire, improve and develop competencies of the students according to the needs of the labor market, and enables employers to produce qualified workforce according to its own requirements.


Model peculiarities

The bachelor's degree program provides students with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field of information technology, programming and solving complex jobs. Under the supervision of experienced teachers-practitioners and mentors from IT companies, you will be able to develop your creativity and innovation.


Program peculiarities

  • Using the latest technologies and teaching methods
  • Applying a project approach, which enables students to develop both hard and soft skills 
  • Flexibility for students in building their individual curriculum starting from the 2 year
  • Engagement of experienced teachers-practitioners from leading IT companies
  • Favorable conditions for professional development (doing an internship in leading IT companies, web studios, computer design studios, R&D departments) 
  • Increased number of laboratory and practical classes using modern software
  • Conducting professionally oriented comprehensive trainings and workshops

Implementation of the dual education program involves two stages (see Fig. 1 Learning Model):

The first stage lasts 2 years and comprises 120 ECTS credits. The content of academic disciplines ensures that students gain general and professional competencies and achieve learning outcomes in accordance with the educational program and taking into account the competencies matrix required to perform trainee tasks in a company. Educational components are implemented on the basis of the university with the active involvement of teachers-practitioners in the implementation of the practical component (in particular, project work). 

The second stage lasts 2-4 years and comprises 120 credits. Students study and work as trainees in a partner company. Students acquire skills and knowledge, develop competencies and achieve learning outcomes within the framework of personal educational trajectories, which include internships, courses and project work in the company in close cooperation with the university.


Having chosen the dual education system, a student will be able to:

  • Effectively adjust to working both in a team and in a company
  • Combine work and studying
  • Get access to educational resources and real time cases of a company
  • Get a junior or middle level of expertise while doing a bachelor's degree
  • Develop a career portfolio while being a student
  • Change the learning trajectory at any stage of dual learning
  • Possibility to get a job, take a break in studying and come back to complete the bachelor's degree at any convenient time


Companies contribution

  • Taking part in designing educational programs and the content of academic disciplines
  • Assessing students' knowledge, in particular, carrying out the selection process for the dual education program after the 2nd year 
  • Access to training materials and real cases of the company
  • Employment and internship in a company
  • Familiarizing with the processes in the IT industry
  • Mentoring project works 
  • Opportunity to do a bachelor's thesis on the basis of the company under supervision of a company employee


University partners

IT Step University partners in the implementation of the dual education system are the leaders in the IT market – SoftServe, Sigma Software, and Eleks.



Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get dual education?


You are supposed to express your preferences in the second term of the second year. After that, IT companies select the candidates for preferred educational trajectories. 

If you get a positive response, dual learning starts in the first term of the third year. 

Can I refuse the offer of dual education? 


Yes, you can choose the classic approach, i.e. a particular specialization. 

Can I choose the company by myself?

You can choose the company that matches your preferences. However, the company has to confirm your choice after the selection process.

Can I do Bachelor’s thesis in a company?

Yes, you can, having confirmed the supervisor (mentor in a company).

Shall I make a decision about dual learning upon admission?

You are supposed to make a decision at the second term of the second year. 

Will I receive a salary?

You will be able to receive a salary, having taken up a position in a company.

What are the legal grounds for providing dual education?

The university, a student and a company sign the treaty.

What percentage of students get an internship in an IT company?

All the students who have been gone through the selection process. There are no limitations in terms of number.

What differentiates the dual education in the IT Step University from the one in other universities?

What makes the program different is flexibility in the choice of a learning trajectory as well as individual attention to a student and support.



What to do if I want to change the university?

A student can take an academic certificate and transfer to a different university. 

Can a student change a partner company?

Students can change a partner company within the terms of previously signed agreement.

Does dual education provide 100% employment? 

The university creates the most favorable conditions for employment. If you do everything according to the planned scenario and perform the tasks, then success is inevitable.


What should I do if you haven’t been selected for the dual education program?

You can study according the standard scheme, in particular by choosing a minor program or specialization at the university. Besides, you can make efforts to be selected in the next stage of the dual education program.

What training areas will be offered?
Will I be able to choose the area of training? What should I do if I want to apply for design, for instance, but it’s not provided?


You will be offered a wide range of training areas. It is almost guaranteed that you will find the area that matches your preferences. 



Can I be expelled from university while getting dual education?

You can be expelled in case you haven’t completed the tasks outlined in the university program. 

If I haven’t been selected for the dual education program in a particular company, can I apply for it in a different company?

Yes, you can.

If I haven’t been selected for the dual education program, can I apply for it next year?

Yes, sure.

How can I combine study and work?

You will have to attend 3-4 lessons a week. Your schedule is previously agreed with the company.