STEP IT {global_step_name} | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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The first IT university in Ukraine

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About the University

The first IT university in Ukraine

IT STEP University offers training in the specialty 122 "Computer Science" with a wide selection of specializations. Teaching students is not a job for us, but a mission! We are not theorists, but real industry practitioners. We cooperate with dozens of leading IT companies around the world and attract our students there. We know absolutely exactly what the IT market will need tomorrow and we will teach you about it today!

15+ partners

IT STEP University cooperates with leading IT companies, universities and world-class organizations

50% students study at internships

Every month we offer our students internships in the leading IT companies of the country and the world

8 minor programs and educational trajectories

Every student here can study what he likes and needs, and draw up his own educational map

11 place

2022 place in the rating of ZNO among all forms of ownership. And 6 among private ones

30 teachers-practitioners in the IT industry

Teachers of our university

These are specialists of leading IT companies. They know exactly the needs of the market, because they are in it themselves, and they teach students the real practice of the profession, without empty theory and "water".

Dual education

practice and real work experience while studying

We offer a dual education model - we combine students' studies at IT STEP University with their internships in companies, leaders of the IT industry, with which we cooperate on an ongoing basis. For a student, this is an ideal opportunity to gain real practical experience and skills while studying. And:

Quick start and effective career results

Access to educational materials and real company cases

Quick formation of a high-quality portfolio

The possibility to obtain at least the status of junior specialist after graduation

Work in a real company and effective adaptation to teamwork

our partners

We cooperate with IT companies
and universities around the world

We actively cooperate with the leaders of the IT industry of Ukraine and the whole world. We invite leading specialists to join our students, hold master classes, meetings, exchange programs, organize internships for students in world-class IT companies during their studies. Our students have a real opportunity to get a job after completing their studies, because they have already gained work experience and employer contacts.

Student Life

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Student exchange

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