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Priority focus areas

Generating and implementing great ideas makes the world a better place. Following this principle, the university's research is aimed at developing innovative solutions to the most complex scientific and technical tasks that are designed to improve our life and make it safe. We collaborate with leading research institutes, research centers and consortia that conduct extensive research in the field of information technology, artificial intelligence and intellectual analysis of various processes.

High rate of innovation, creativity invention and entrepreneurship, spur all members of our research community to enhance their knowledge and to seek solutions to real-world problems.



Within the framework of fundamental and applied research, the university conducts research in the following directions:

Technologies for intelligent data analysis, modeling and forecasting of deterministic models under conditions of uncertainty.

Research supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Taras Rak 

The object of the research is resolving optimal management issues in the conditions of direct connection between predicted value and factor characteristics that are extracted from well-structured data.

In the framework of the research, multifactor methods for determining the optimum indicator in solving optimal management problems were developed. Methods of building predictive models under conditions of uncertainty were established. The problem of the criterion is regarded as a separate class. Balance models for economic and statistical modeling of financial processes were introduced.


Student Research

The university has built a research community of students and young scientists. The objectives of the research community are the following ones:

• Contribute to students’ professional growth through their involvement in research.

• Combine students’ efforts in order to develop intelligent technologies aimed at tackling major priority tasks within the framework of various international grants and joint projects with manufacturing companies.

• Develop young scientists’ innovative initiatives.


Students and young scientists present their research findings at international conferences, thematic seminars, summer schools, various contests of scientific papers and startups.